• Connor Watson

Two Birds One Trade - Why OBJ Should Move to the Patriots

© Photo by Erik Drost CC

It seems Odell Beckham Jr wants to get off the wild ride that is the 2019 Cleveland Browns. It’s being reported that the 27-year-old wide receiver has informed other teams he is willing to be traded.

While no negotiations seem to be taking place as of right now, this move could solve two very real problems.

OBJ is undoubtedly a top tier receiving talent and paired with two more top tier receivers in Jarvis Landry and David Njoku.

Unfortunately for OBJ he is also paired with arguably one of the worst coaches in the league right now, a quarterback who is not ready for the big time and an organisation that can only be compared to a tyre fire.

On the other side of the AFC you have the New England Patriots, a team who despite being 10 -3, are struggling. Their biggest problem, offense, unfortunately for the Patriots, Tom Brady is not able to carry their inexperienced and failing offense any further than he already has.

The issues facing the Patriots are complex in of themselves but can be summarised here, they have no real talent in the receiving positions and it is clear that Brady is now frustrated and tired of not having anything to work with on offense.

That's not to say that the Patriots haven’t tried to solve these problems, the signing of Mohammed Sanu was meant to fill the void in talent and provide Brady a target other than Edelman.

Likewise the deal with Antonio Brown at the beginning of the season was meant to mark the new era of the Patriots offense after losing Gronk, unfortunately for New England, the falling through of that move have left them high and dry.

So why do I think OBJ is the answer to the Patriots problem? The answer is relatively simple, experience, OBJ has experience and wants to play at the highest level. With Brady getting increasingly frustrated at the level of talent available to him, the addition of OBJ to his receiving options alongside Edelman would provide a quick stop solution to the Patriots problems.

With more options, Brady has less pressure, that struggle to form a connection with his receivers is diminished and allows the coaching staff to build up the wide options without any added stress.

Is this the perfect solution for the Patriots? No, even if they were able to sign OBJ, they are not out of the woods yet. OBJ provides a simple solution quickly, New England could still compete at a high level going into 2020 and the deal buys them another year to acquire and develop the offensive talent they sorely need.

The unfortunate and obvious problem with this entire idea lies with the Browns GM, John Dorsey, who is going to have to come out and admit he has made several mistakes this year.

By the end of the season, Freddie Kitchens will be sacked from his role as head coach, meaning Dorsey will have to admit he made a mistake in hiring him in the first place.

Add onto that the constant drama from quarterback Baker Mayfield who just this week, came out against the teams backroom staff; all this means Dorsey will be once again having to admit maybe his choice of QB wasn’t quite on the mark.

With these two situations about ready to blow in the Browns head office, will Dorsey then want to trade away one of the league's top wide receivers after putting in such an effort to acquire him in the first place?

Clearly OBJ wants to leave, it wouldn’t be a surprise if many other players wanted to get out of the Browns after all of the drama this year. The Patriots meanwhile are struggling on offense and desperately need a player who has experience and has played more than two NFL games, the best fit right now, Odell Beckham Jr.

The only question remaining, how hard are they willing to fight for him and how much are they willing to pay.