• Connor Watson

Road to Super Bowl LIV - My Playoff Predictions Week 4

I was able to claw back some semblance of authority and ended my Road to Super Bowl LIV prediction series at 5-4. Upsets in the Patriots and Ravens games really left me a little worse for wear after week one.

Thankfully the conference championships were slightly more predictable and both the 49ers and Chiefs were able to do what betting odds have been predicting they’ll do all season… make it to the Super Bowl.

Now as the big day arrives, I’m going to break down what I think both teams bring to this game and just who I think will win.

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Super Bowl LIV - 49ers @ Chiefs

This game really is as even as a match-up as you could have heading into a Super Bowl.

Both quarterbacks are relative rookies and are in line to create real dynasties in the NFL. Meanwhile both defensive forces are explosive when needed, able to shut down the key running games of their opponents and keep possession in their favour.

Andy Reid, a veteran of the league and one of the best play callers the sport has seen will be facing off against the young and incredibly creative Kyle Shanahan, son of two-time Super Bowl winner Mike Shanahan.

In every aspect of this game, these teams are lined up to be the equal opponent.

The key for a Chiefs victory will be to keep that run action and Raheem Mostert shut down, forcing Garoppolo to choose uncomfortable passing routes and throw more than necessary.

On the other side of the field the 49ers are going to need Mahomes to panic. Going into his first Super Bowl it is going to be essential for San Francisco to force fumbles and incomplete pass attempts if they have any hope of stopping that offence.

While this is a tough one to call with how close, I just think the Chiefs with Mahomes and their running game have a much stronger position than the 49ers and Garoppolo.

Chiefs win 24 - 20