• Connor Watson

Road to Super Bowl LIV - My Playoff Predictions Week 3

Championship weekend

Divisional weekend was just as shocking as the wildcard round, we watched as the Super Bowl favourites the Baltimore Ravens went out against the Titans only a week after their upset against the Patriots.

If it wasn’t for the Titans upset I would be positive with my playoff predictions, instead I enter the final week 3-4 with only two games to go to redeem myself.

So let's see if we can crawl this back…

Titans @ Chiefs

Last week I said the Titans needed an early lead to be in with any chance of beating the Raven; but after the Chiefs performance against the Texans I think Tennessee will need more than an early lead.

I don’t want to discount the Titans after their brilliant performances these past two weeks but it is hard to ignore a comeback from a 21point deficit. The Chiefs held the Texans to just 10 points in the final three quarters, whilst scoring 51 points themselves.

Playing at home it will be hard for Mahomes and the Chiefs to be shaken, the Titans will need to consistently aggressive across all four quarters. Their rushing and passing games will need to extend out plays, keeping the Chiefs offence off the field, otherwise, this game will turn into another shootout.

Chiefs win 31 - 24

Packers @ 49ers

After a confident victory last week over the Seahawks last week, the Packers head to San Francisco to meet the NFC Super Bowl favourites.

This isn’t an easy ride for either team, the 49ers possess the second-best rushing attack on the league whilst the Packers have one of the best passing quarterbacks in the history of the NFL.

A key to a 49ers victory is making Aaron Rodgers as uncomfortable as possible, reducing his options and forcing him to throw routes he doesn’t like. All season we’ve seen the same plays over and over from him with little in the way of interceptions.

The San Fran defence is going to need force Rodgers to either pass the ball off to the Packers running core or as mentioned above, throw when he doesn’t want to throw.

49ers win 34 - 14