• Connor Watson

Is Joe Burrow Already A Bengal?

With the confirmation of the 2020 NFL Draft order, can we safely say Joe Burrow is a Bengal?

The order is set and the venue booked, from the 23 - 25 April, Las Vegas will be the home of the 2020 NFL Draft.

The order for the top 30 picks has been announced, with positions 31 and 32 decided by Super Bowl LIV next week.

Currently, the Cincinnati Bengals hold the number one spot, the team has the leagues’ worst record this season, finishing at a very poor 2-14.

The number one prospect this year is Heisman Trophy-winner Joe Burrow. He enters the draft having led LSU to win the national championship. But will the Bengals use their first-round pick to secure the hotly anticipated quarterback?

At the start of the week, there were rumours from supposed “league sources” that the Bengals had no intention of trading the No.1 pick. The story emerged as former LSU assistant Joe Brady, joined the Panthers as Offensive Coordinator; Carolina currently holds the No.7 first-round pick.

However, the Bengals have denied these rumours, director of player personnel, Duke Tobin shot back, saying it was still early in the process and that it was “news to him”.

"We're early in the process. We certainly haven't had any meetings to determine that at this point. Those will be meetings we'll have as we go through the process." - Duke Tobin