• Connor Watson

Are the Seahawks Just Lucky?

© Photo by Brook Ward CC

After a 30-24 win at the Carolina Panthers on Sunday (15 December) an interesting stat emerged about the Seahawks winning season.

It turns out Seattle have only won one game by over eight points so far this year, that was their week 4 victory at the Cardinals, ending 27-10.

When this neat little bit of trivia surfaced, opposition fans were quick to start calling Seattle lucky. Naturally with anything in sports, you need to take Twitter reactions with a pinch of salt, especially when they claim a team currently topping the NFC, are only there due to luck.

Obviously, the 2019 Seahawks are not without fault, facing O-line issues, gaps in their defense due to key injuries, and a receiving core more rookie than veteran, Seattle could have faced a much worse season this year.

The fact that they haven’t had a worse season, speaks volumes of their ability to adapt. A franchise best 7-1 road record for a team with one of the, if not the worst journeys for any away team just proves that point even more.

This is most definitely thanks to Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll. With a defensive minded head coach stopping teams from running away with staggering leads and an MVP worthy quarterback who has kept his team motivated all while executing beautiful offensive plays; this combo has kept Seattle in the playoff race since week one.

If you’re a stats person, then you may be looking at where Seattle rank. For those statistically minded fans, then you may have spotted some disappointing numbers: Passing Attempts (24th), Passing Completions (21st) or even Sacks (29th).

Add onto those poor numbers the fact that Seattle only had two pro bowl nominated players and you get a team that looks like it has limped its way to the number one seed.

That is where you would be mistaken though, while Seattle aren’t the Ferrari they were in 2013 they definitely haven’t fallen too far. What Seattle possess is promise, everyone knows Russell Wilson is a Super Bowl level quarterback and the team's offensive weapons like Tyler Lockett are at the top of their game.

What some people are overlooking are the rookies on the team, D.K. Metcalf for lack of a better phrase, has put in work, this season. Six touchdowns and 819 receiving yards, he is second only to Tyler Lockett, what Metcalf needed was a confidence building season in the NFL. Time for him to grow and become comfortable in the spotlight and work under pressure with Wilson.

The same thing was needed for Chris Carson, seven touchdowns and over 1000 rushing yards, he had several embarrassing fumbles at the start of the season but now he is syncing with the team better and getting more and more game time he has become a real offensive threat.

None of this is just down to luck, Russell Wilson has worked hard this season to ensure the team work together, trying to click with two rookies and bring them up to a higher level than they were ever likely to reach with another quarterback.

The rule is, ‘any given Sunday’ and that is exactly the kind of football Seattle play, they focus on the game at hand and try to enter it cool, calm, and collected. It doesn’t matter if the win is close or the game wasn’t all finesse, what matters is their ability to win and go up against the best teams in the NFL and stand a chance.

For Seattle fans that means enduring three hours of near heart attack inducing plays every week while every other fanbases in the NFL simply chalk it down to luck. Luck doesn’t get you a win 11 weeks of the year, skill, talent and game knowledge do.